Nuii Helado de macadamia

We are all
born curious...



A lot of us dream of exploring faraway lands and immersing ourselves in an unfamiliar culture.

Every hero ingredient we source for NUII ice cream is carefully picked to evoke a feeling of adventure and discovery.





We are constantly searching the globe and challenging ourselves

How can a flavour embody the freedom and warmth of the Australian outback, the freshness of the Nordics or the immersive feeling you get, deep within the jungles of Java?





Every NUII ice cream uses the smoothest creamiest dairy, encased in indulgent chocolate.

We value substance over looks and the perfection of the imperfect, so all our ice creams are bursting with exciting textures and flavour.




So next time you enjoy NUII ice cream, we recommend you close your eyes and be swept away to a place just a little bit wilder than the everyday...